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Golden Teardrop Zirconia Earrings - Classicharms

Golden Teardrop Zirconia Earrings

£38.00 GBP£30.00 GBP
The beautiful handmade earrings created a perfect combination of modern elegance and vintage classics. Featuring the signature tear-shaped design and stunning custom made 5A cubic zirconia, the earrings transformed into...
Rhinestone Golden Chain Earrings - Classicharms

Rhinestone Golden Chain Earrings

£33.00 GBP£26.00 GBP
Your can't go wrong with this pair of golden chain link earrings. Wear them with a classic white tee and a pair of relaxed jeans to give your outfit a...
Golden Wave Hoop Earrings - Classicharms

Golden Wave Hoop Earrings

£41.00 GBP£29.00 GBP
These hoop earrings are your everyday essentials. Versatility is at the core of our design. Find your inspiration with our line of high fashion earrings, from gold to pearl, from...
Golden Pearl Hoop with Zirconia Embellishment Earrings - Classicharms

Golden Pearl Hoop with Zirconia Embellishment Earrings

£33.00 GBP£23.00 GBP
The pair of earrings created a perfect combination of gold and pearl.  The sparkle zirconias on the one side of the hoop are the highlight  of the feminist. The earrings...
T Shape Zirconia Earrings - Classicharms

T Shape Zirconia Earrings

£33.00 GBP£26.00 GBP
This pair of statement cubic zirconia earrings in gold is inspired by the modern elegance that enhances the beauty of every woman. The earrings are hand sculpted to create an...
Golden Pearl Drop Hoop Earrings - Classicharms

Golden Pearl Drop Hoop Earrings

£33.00 GBP£23.00 GBP
The pair of earrings is a perfect combination of gold and peal. Gold represents the earth, and pearl represents the water. The design journey we took was our philosophy towards...
Golden Tassel Zirconia Earrings - Classicharms

Golden Tassel Zirconia Earrings

£38.00 GBP£30.00 GBP
Illuminate fresh spring nights with dramatic yet lightweight statement earrings. Take these iconic dangling tassel earrings to surprising new depths with our updated design. Featuring three fringe chains of varying...
Gold Pearl Zirconia Multi-wear  Earrings - Classicharms

Gold Pearl Zirconia Multi-wear Earrings

£33.00 GBP£23.00 GBP
This pair of pearl and zircon earrings set in 18K gold plated brass feature pearls and zirconia stone accents for an elegant look, but also with a creative flourish. The...
Vintage Emerald Ring - Classicharms

Vintage Emerald Ring

£41.00 GBP£33.00 GBP
Classicharms offers hand-crafted pieces of unforgettable luxury that are perfect for any occasion. Featuring a vibrant green emerald stone, this truly stunning and unique ring is handcrafted by our skilled...
Emerald Hoop Earrings - Classicharms

Emerald Hoop Earrings

£35.00 GBP£29.00 GBP
Go green! Vivacious and eye-catching, our hoop drop earrings feature green zirconia stone and gold hoops. Designed to be chic and comfortable for daily wear. This go-to pair is versatile...
Emerald Pendant Necklace - Classicharms

Emerald Pendant Necklace

£35.00 GBP£29.00 GBP
Shining with the constant brightness of the high quality green zirconia stone, this lovely emerald pendant suspended on a dainty gold chain. The hand sculpted metal details remain the effortless...
Pinecone Pendant Necklace - Classicharms

Pinecone Pendant Necklace

£33.00 GBP£23.00 GBP
Inspired by the great nature and think of fall foliage, our textured and polished pinecone pendant necklace is as magical during the holidays as it is during the rest of...