Jewelry with a Purpose: How Classicharms Inspires Feminine Strength

Jewelry with a Purpose: How Classicharms Inspires Feminine Strength

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Classicharms was founded during the difficult times of the pandemic by the artist Emma – a woman possessing a heart filled with sheer will. She created Classicharms to empower women through feministinspired jewelry that comes from the vision of her and other team members. The vision of Classicharms is to give women the tools to express themselves and tackle the challenges of everyday life with all their beauty and strength. Classicharms aims to deliver positive vibes through her creations by giving women of all shapes and colors the inspiration to always be their best and never be afraid to show it to the world. Her edgy contemporary designs, sprinkled with a combination of retro and elegant vibes, are the result of the combined vision of our three experienced designers.

The choices you make when it comes to your personal style help define who you are. Classicharms gives you unique pieces that complement your aesthetic perfectly and help you express your true self to the world. Classicharms has partnerships with and sells through the Canadian department store Hudson Bay, Wolf and Badger, Not Just a Label, and more elite e-commerce platforms. Her passion is spread through her creations to everyone who wears Classicharms and instills them with a strong will to live life to the fullest.

The brand founder, Emma, had the good fortune of growing up in an artistic family in China, while her parents played a very positive role in her appreciation for art and creation and living with passion, and reaching her full potential. She got her education in Australia, and after living for a while in the US, she settled in Canada. During this time she had built a strong architectural background that serves as a strong inspiration for her jewelry designs. The rich life experience and her artistic soul fuel the flame that burns at the centre of Classicharms. Emma created a stylish, refined, and simple luxurious brand and is currently in charge of the majority of the design and development.

The Classicharms design engine runs on the fuel of three ambitious artists: Emma, Marco, and Poup. They all come from different backgrounds, live different lives, and have different dreams, but they share a strong passion to dedicate their artistic talent to creating innovative designs for our brand. Marco and Poup had joined Emma in giving their passion and energy to the Classicharms and turning it into a unique fashion brand that makes luxury items accessible to everyone. A graduate of the world’s top fashion academy Istituto Moda Marangoni Milano Italy, Marco had worked with many top brands across Europe and Asia in the past few years and is now ready to bring his expertise to Classicharms.

Exploring feminist themes across his work, Poup is imbuing the brand’s designs with charming feminine elements. He is one of the best contemporary artists in Paris and is well-respected when it comes to jewelry and apparel design. All three artists combined form a great design team that brings exquisite pieces for all women to enjoy. The three designers have their own unique styles that fill the Classicharms catalog with diverse products fit for every wish. We are an ethical and conscious brand that only uses sustainable sources for our materials. Our materials are sourced only from ethical providers as we took a vow to protect the environment and create items that last. Our creations are heirlooms of femininity that add up to a legacy of strength and empowerment. Our main values circle around “buy less, buy better”, as we want people to get things that last for many years without the need to be replaced often.

Luxury doesn’t have a price. It has substance and personality and the power to ignite legacies. All our items are affordable because we believe every woman deserves to feel the best without overpaying.
Classicharms is not about fast fashion. We don’t follow trends. We create them. We’re all about true value brought by the vision and creative soul of designers who dedicate their craft to empowering women.
Our brand’s creations pay homage to the individuality and brilliance of modern women who live free and want to express their true selves without fear. Our unique design language combines a contemporary feeling with the classic twist of vintage fashion to bring out your inner femininity, sophistication, and confidence.