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Welcome to Classicharms, a Vancouver based fashion brand where we share a extensive experience and passion for minimalist and timeless jewelry. Classicharms is a conscious brand that wants to make a difference for woman community, and we want to involve our customers to spread the positive vibes during the time we have been going through.

With an expanding global customers and influencers of social platforms, Classicharms believes it’s just a beginning of our exciting journey. One of our goals is giving back to our loyal customers and thanking you for keep us moving forward. Let’s share a bigger and better and more inspiration moment together, by participating in our affiliate program.

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What we offer:

  • 10% baseline commission on successful referrals
  • Referral code to your customers with 15% off
  • Exclusive ambassador discounts up to 50% on all orders
  • Opportunities to run exclusive partnership and exclusive offers with Classicharms
  • Opportunities to be promoted and featured on our social media
  • 30 day cookie as standard

What we need:

We’d ask you to promote Classicharms on your social platform by:

  • Have Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or a personal blog
  • Create & submit original photos of you wearing our jewelry
  • Place pictures and share links on your social platform
  • Drive targeted traffic to the Classicharms website
  • Share your discount (tracking referral) code for friends and family
  • Endorse our brand respectfully and positively
  • In return, your story/business will be promoted on our social media

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