Our Designers

Emma Zhu

Founder & Designer

Emma Zhu, the founder of Classicharms, graduated from the University of New South Wales and held a bachelor's degree in Science of Architecture. She also achieved her master's degree in building design from the University of Sydney. With her architectural background, Emma has applied the same design concepts and principles of architecture to her jewelry design. Her value is mindfulness and being mindful of the environment, resources, relationship, craft, and self. Consultant by day and jewelry designer whenever she has inspiration, Emma uses art and design as her self-expression. Inspired by an appreciation of abstract art and geometry, attention to detail, and minimalist design, her designs are beautiful, simple, and sophisticated.

Marco Moretti

Chief Designer

A graduate of the world’s top fashion academy Istituto moda Marangoni Milano Italy, Marco Moretti is based in Milano, Shanghai, and Vancouver. He’s worked with many top brands across Europe and Asia in the past few years and has made quite a name for himself. His design reflects the new trend of an unhesitating mixture of western modern and oriental beauty and explores the fine line between reality and fantasy. Producing a range of contemporary fine jewelry, Marco’s designs are centered upon modern styles, with a classic twist, having a bold but minimalist look and feel which gave his polished pieces a distinctive look.

Poup Wong


Poup Wong, graduated from the École supérieure nationale d’art de Rouen et du Havre with a master's degree of fine art. He has been engaged in the field of painting and fashion design in France and Canada for over 15 years. He has participated in many international art exhibitions and held several personal art shows in Paris. Aside from being one of the best contemporary artists in Paris, Poup is also well-respected when it comes to jewelry and apparel design. His design showcases his incredible creativity and unique ability to lend sensitivity to his sophisticated and feminist pieces. He’s one of the coolest introverts, having his own perspective of exploring the inner beauty and fashion sense of women. Poup is a big supporter of the LGBTQ group and advocates the equality of human rights under the law and fights for changes of society.