How To Build Your Personal Jewelry Collection

How To Build Your Personal Jewelry Collection - Classicharms

Many people purchase jewellery but never wear it. We're big admirers of the phrase "if you have it, wear it." This article has some suggestions on how you can build your perfect collection of jewelry for everyday wear.

Tips for Your Everyday Jewelry Collections

We go through the items you need to be adding to your wardrobe as well as your jewellery collection in order.

Create Your Personal Style

A great jewelry collection should be in harmony with your style and what you enjoy wearing for example, minimalist, quirky, eccentric or even vintage. If you're unsure, take a look at your wardrobe and focus on the pieces you truly love, and you'll discover what you're attracted by from a physical sense.

Statement Necklace

You'll need an accessory that will add a pop of color to a stylish button-up or silk shirt. Contrary to the delicate pendant necklace, which is subtle support for the ensemble and fashion, this is the centrepiece of your ensemble. It should be a striking necklace that is able to be worn in multiple styles but is not something you wear daily. You can try a sleek lariat or an oversized chain collar or a long wrap-around pendant with stations. You may choose the following products from Classicharms:

Stud Earrings

A small accessory to your jewellery collection will make a significant impact on your look by adding a chic finish that doesn't require much effort or thought. Choose the right pair to match your style and fits close to the ear. We recommend staying clear of long or chandelier earrings for your primary or preferred pair. These sweeping designs could be too dramatic to wear every day. You may choose the following products from Classicharms:

Stack-Friendly Rings

To add more character to your jewellery wardrobe, include some mixed-and-match rings. Choose rings with different thicknesses, which you can stack or wear in a variety of ways. Keep your collection varied by wearing rings of different types of metal as well as vibrant gemstones and pave stones. The aim is to provide an assortment of styles you can mix and match to compliment (and not overpower) the other jewellery pieces that you're wearing.

Statement Bracelet

Another important piece to making your jewellery collection more attractive is a bangle or a statement bracelet. One of the main reasons to purchase a top-quality statement bracelet is its capability to enhance your basic shirt and jeans outfit. You can stack multiple bracelets in order to achieve the look of texture. However, an eye-catching piece is a method of combining them. If you want a statement bracelet, you should search for beautiful bracelets, sleek cuffs or chains.


For a date or work event, or even an event with the family, jewelry can be a perfect choice. Start slowly and work on each piece separately to create a cohesive collection. This way, you will be able to add more pieces together slowly. As time passes, you will build a jewellery collection that is distinctive to you. Classicharms is constantly rolling out new pieces, make sure to visit us from time to time for inspirations! Save on your purchases using discount code on wethrift.